Fresh Food, Warm People

Angelina & Jesus, together represent the core of the organization. Working with them, a team of people and partners who fulfill that Fresh Food Chef stands for.

Jesús Lafuente

Head chef

Jesús is our Chef and is devoted to creating outstanding and tasteful experiences
From an early age he was attracted to the kitchen and his love for cooking has continued to grow throughout his 27 years as a Chef
He acquired extensive knowledge working for a number of restaurants, including Michelin-star winner Martin Berasategui for over 4 years, who brought him to the Michelin level of cooking!
He’s had the opportunity to learn from a variety of cuisines, locations and clients, thus developing a wide range of cooking techniques and styles.
He also gained extensive knowledge working as full-time personal cook for a number of families, including a famous athlete where he learned in depth about the dietary requirements in sports.
Jesus is always eager to learn and puts passion in every dish. He takes enormous pride in creating tasteful and memorable experiences for clients. His motto: “Food must be a pleasure for the eyes, nose and mouth.” 

Engelien van den Brink

Event planner

Angelina was born in the Netherlands and is known there as ‘Engel’. 

Her passion for people brought her to work in communication and marketing, where she has an extensive background.

She is also totally devoted to Mallorca, its nature, sun, people and food. And she likes to share this devotion with Majorcans as well as with people from all over!

Angelina is extremely caring of all tiny details in each event and really sets the mood with her arrangements and welcoming attitude. 
She is very dedicated to all clients and is always willing to share ideas and tips about the island.
Her touch with children is also very well-known among her beloved clients! 

What our clients say about us

Please contact us anytime, we look forward to meeting you and to help you with your upcoming event!